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I am an Aussie lass from Adelaide, South Australia, who decided that, in 2011, moving to Sydney would cost just as much as moving half way around the world to the United Kingdom. So that’s just what I did.

I went to India for my 21st, solo. I went on an Intrepid tour and met a great bunch of people and which really opened my eyes. Within a week of returning back to Adelaide I quit my job and started planning my first move overseas. I have never looked back.

Since April 2011 I have been unable to keep my feet firmly in one place so I have given up trying to keep still. My adventures include exploring over 60 countries, living in two different continents and everything else in between..

Visiting some of the most incredible places and meeting some amazing people has taught me so much that I would have never known staying in Australia.. As the saying goes, travel is the best university you can go too..

  • 2011 marked my first solo trip overseas and my big move to the UK
  • 2013 midway I left the UK and travelled through Europe and mainly Africa to surprise my family on Christmas Day
  • 2014 I worked my butt off back in Australia to save up for the next six months
  • 2014 midway – travels through Central America and Mexico
  • 2015 moved to the Cayman Islands which is where I have been based since..

I thought of starting this blog as there has been countless times people have asked for my recommendations and all I have been able to tell them is “go to my photos on Facebook..”. Now I want to get more in detail for anyone and everyone out there..

So here goes…

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.”
– Aldous Huxley

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