Third time lucky in Guatemala..

My third time in Guatemala to finish off the sights I had yet to explore..

My first day in Antigua, Guatemala, I went on an organised tour which visited various places such as where the chicken busses get done up, coffin maker and a school which was run by a NGO. Afterwards I explored the streets of Antigua and came across the impressive Santa Dominica and walked through the massive markets.. Antigua was cold.

Antigua streets2
Streets of Antigua..

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Road tripping through Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador..

Our first stop was Haultco and eventually we found a place to stay that could fit all six of us in the same room – now this was definitely different to what we had just spent the last couple of weeks in. There were two double beds and they bought in another mattress, which pretty much took up the entire floor space. We also had to lug all our belongings into the room as there was no way we were leaving anything in the car, especially with easy access through the back window (and half the doors not locking)..

Girls riding in the back..
Girls riding in the back..

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The Mexican adventures continue…

Our adventures started off heading to a place roughly an hour (on public busses) North of Puerto Escondido to the beachside village of Roca Blanca.

Exploring Roca Blanca
Exploring Roca Blanca

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Exploring the Pacific Coast of Mexico..

We were finally in some warm weather!! We spent the next couple of days wandering along the beach and exploring the town. We went on a horse ride to the Atononitco Hot Springs which was incredible. We rode for about 1.5 hours, crossing the river numerous times and eventually hopping off the horses and relaxing in the hot springs. It was another 1.5 hour ride back to where we started and this time we had full control of the pace and off we went! Such a great morning.

Mexican horse riding
Mexican horse riding

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That time my plans changed and I went to Guatemala and Mexico..

After three, sun-filled, days of sailing from Utila (Honduras) to Rio Dulce (Guatemala) on the catamaran, we spent a day at the hot springs of Finca Pariso.  Now this was a cool place for a day trip.  Captain Guy, from our sailing adventure, took us there and we explored the falls, covering ourselves with mud and swimming through the caves under the waterfalls.  Bliss.

Finca Pariso with the waterfalls..
Finca Pariso with the waterfalls..

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The island paradise of Utila in Honduras..

After a bus trip from San Pedro Sula airport and an overnight stop off in La Ceiba, I was on the ferry to the island of Utila off the east coast of Honduras.

A friend of mine, Aaron, met me at the ferry and, as he had already done the task of sussing out all the dive shops for the best deals, took me to Utila Dive Center to sign up for an open water course starting later that afternoon!

I completed my open water, meeting some great people, and moved into an apartment just off the main road which meant cheap rent and homemade meals.  I was settling in.

My swimming hole for the five weeks at Utila Dive Center!!
My swimming hole for the five weeks at Utila Dive Center!!

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Aloha Hawaii for an extended stopover..

Wow was I disoriented once I arrived in Honolulu!  It confused me (and still does) that I left at 1800 on Wednesday eve in Australia and arrived in Hawaii at 0745 Wednesday morning..  A massive 20 hours time difference.!

Now I have to admit (and yes I know this sounds dumb as) but it didn’t click that Hawaii was actually part of the States until I got there and was surrounded by the thick American accent.!

I spent that first day strolling up and down the foreshore and laying down in the shade for a little nap – I got burnt.  Waikiki Beach was stunning but full of tourists as you could imagine.

Waikiki beach
Waikiki beach

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