Getting Jammy in Jamaica..

The month of June also included my Dad’s first visit to the Cayman Islands. The day after getting back from New York actually.

Within the first few days he completed his open-water dive certification and then we were off to Kingston in Jamaica for the weekend for the Australia cricket test series. Little did I know that a massive group of Aussie boys from Cayman were also there in a big group and being the island that Cayman is, I knew quite a few of them..

Sabina Park

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Exploring the Concrete Jungle..

My first trip to New York was with my housemate to go to Governor’s Ball Music Festival – what better reason to make a trip to New York than for a three-day music festival?!

As soon as we landed it was straight for a massive slice of pizza – yum! With our bellies full, we crashed out at our hostel in Brooklyn ready for our big day the next day full of exploring.

Gov Ball NYC

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Island days..

My island days were spent diving the hundreds of incredible dive locations and numerous boat parties to Stingray City and Starfish Point. There were certainly no complaints from me.

Volleyball days on our backyard…

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A Cuban celebration..

We accidently had a rather large night out the night before our flight to Havana so were feeling pretty rough by the time we arrived. Dropped our bags at our Casa Particular (Casa Marta y Ramon) and went to the meeting place for our guided tour of the city in a red 1955 Cadillac Eldorado. Our tour guide was great and explained everything as we drove and pointed out the highlights of the old school city.

Cruising in our 1955 Cadillac Eldorado..
Cruising in our 1955 Cadillac Eldorado..

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The Caribbean island I now get to call home..

My first day was spent driving around pretty much the whole island – I drove all the way to Rum Point stopping occasionally along the way and then back through the island to West Bay before meeting my mate and heading out for a few drinks at Rackams.

First impressions of the island were allgood so far – well what could be so bad about living on an island in the Caribbean?! Tropical heat and sunshine all year round?!  Yes please!

Exploring Camana Bay
Exploring Camana Bay..

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