Continuing on with my Island Days..

Back on the island it was the cruisy lifestyle once again with an afternoon on Sandy Cay,  a little island where my friends had built a shelter, making the most of the little surf there was. 

Sandy Cay

It was time for visitors once again and a friend from home, Josh, and his girlfriend, Sarah, came to check out the island for a few days.

Sandy Cay

I had heard about a jetski safari with Fat Fish Adventures so off we went.  Now this was an awesome experience and so much fun!!  We started off by heading around to Rum Point and going for a snorkel in the shallow waters followed by a visit to Stingray City – I love watching people’s first-time reactions to the stingrays – so many squeals.!

Our trip then went to Kaibo for a drink and a quick bite to eat before we were all racing each other back to the dock – such a great afternoon that I know I will be doing again with future visitors!

Josh on the jetski

Another must do with visitors on the island is taking them to Spotts Beach to swim with the wild turtles.  Here the turtles come inside the reef to feed on the seagrass in the shallow waters.  They are incredible to watch and so majestic to be so close with.

Josh and Sarah with the turtles at Spotts

As with all my visitors, I took them parasailing with Parasailing Professionals – everyone absolutely loves this experience as you get to check out the stunning island from above and the crystal clear blue waters, even spotting a turtle or two.

Parasailing fun!

What do you get when you combine a group of boys, a ramp, a sea biscuit and a jetski?!  One hell-of-an afternoon and so much fun!! 

A group of my mates decided to take a ramp down into the water and launch people from it by towing a sea biscuit behind a jetski.  This was an amazing success and incredibly no one was hurt..  We had so many people come up and watch and want to join in – even the police helicopter flew over and took pictures from above!


Next up was a trip to Little Cayman for the weekend – a group of us went over and had such a great weekend going for numerous shores dives and even some spear fishing (I had to be the fish spotter for this though as I was the only non-Caymanian).  This of course involved a lot of freediving and we managed to spot some incredible sealife including numerous turtles and sharks.

The boys managed to get a couple of fish which one of the families cooked up a massive Caribbean feast – delish!

Cleaning up the fish

We spent our last afternoon taking the boat to Owen Island for sunset and just hanging out in the shallow waters.  Such an incredible way to end the weekend.

Paddling to Owen Island

A couple of weeks later I managed to organise another trip to Little Cayman this time staying with some friends who lived on the island.  I accidently had a big night on the Friday night however and ended up sleeping in and missing my early morning flight to Little.  I was lucky enough that Cayman Airways put me on the next flight to Cayman Brac where my mates drove the boat over (from Little Cayman) and picked me up to go for my first wreck dive at the Captain Keith Tibbetts Wreck which is a 330-foot-long Russian frigate that was deliberately sunk.


From there it was a short boat trip to Little Cayman for some night diving and octopus spotting – my first octopus and wow are they incredible – we even saw three of them on the same night dive!

The following day consisted of more dives and spotting my first seahorse – the best diving I have ever done would be in Little Cayman – it is such a divers paradise!!


Back in Grand Cayman my weekends consisted of some deep sea fishing and lazy days paddleboarding up and down the stunning Seven Mile Beach.

Catch of the day!!

More shore dives with the lovely Kia and my first dive at the Kittiwake Wreck which was pretty surreal as it is such a well-kept wreck.  You get to go in through the wreck and check out the kitchen, bathrooms, showers and mess halls.

Kia and I on the edge of the Kittiwake

Freediving with my friend Tilley became one of my favourite things and it sure helps when he has an awesome camera and knows a thing or two about taking pictures (and lets not forget his actual freediving skills!!).  We explored the many caves and caverns of Eden Rock and going for some deeper dives at Sunset House.

How can weekends living on an island paradise get much better than this?!

Paddleboarding fun

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