• Bruges in November 2011 for a day
  • Brussels in December 2011 for two days



  • Of course fill yourself up on the amazing food (chocolate, waffles, fries and beer);
  • Walk up the Belfry Tower for a great view of the city (366 stairs!);
  • I went there for the Christmas markets so it had a great feel to it;
  • A boat trip in the canals is very picturesque;
  • Have some mulled wine if you are there at Christmas time!
View from a boat cruise down the canals of Bruges..


  • We wandered about this small town and saw some of the sights which included the Mannekin Pis dressed up in a Christmas outfit, the Grand Place/Grote Markt which is stunning – such a medieval feel about it and some impressive buildings;
  • The Christmas markets were cool here as well and it meant more food. We also gave ice skating a go where I managed not to stacked it – pretty proud with myself;
  • Head to Délirium Café for a choice of over 1000 different beers;
  • There is a pedestrian street full of shops called Rue Neuve which was, of course, full of people also;
  • My diet in one day consisted of: croissant, choc croissant, Belgian fries, waffle topped with strawberries chocolate sauce and whipped cream, some Belgian chocolates and topped off with some Cherry Beer at Délirium Café!
  • We woke early one morning and went to check out some flea markets which contained various bits and bobs.
The streets of Brussels..
The streets of Brussels..


  • Sleep Well Hostel in Brussels was fine and did the job for us – just around the corner from the main shopping street of Rue Neuve


  • French, Dutch and German but English is widely spoken and you will not have any issues. Flemish is considered the most common language in Belgium.
  • Hello: Hallo (Flemish)
  • Thank you: Dank U
  • Good bye: Dag
  • Yes / No: ja/nee


  • Visa not required for Australians for a stay of up to 90 days


  • Euro (0.73 EUR = $1 USD)


  • Waffles– there is something about just plain hot waffles as well as the deluxe with strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream;
  • Belgian beer – there are an incredible amount of different types (I didn’t mind the cherry beer!) Go to Délirium Café in Brussels for quite a selection
  • Belgian fries (pommes frites) – yum! Apparently fries originated here so you can only imagine how good they are – have them topped with mayonnaise and ketchup
  • Chocolate – again everywhere and delicious. Very fancy too and consist of ganache, gianduja, pralines, manons, truffles, marzipan and liqueur sorts, to name a few.
Pomme frites!
Pomme frites!

Tips and tricks

  • Eat up big – they definitely have a lot of great food here even though it’s not ‘healthy’, it’s delicious!!
  • Sit down somewhere in Grand Place in Brussels and just people watch – it has a great feel about it being surrounding by medieval-looking buildings.

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Sugar rush!
Sugar rush!

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