Family visits..

November meant I finally had my sister, Alex, and her boyfriend, Todd, come visit – I was very excited to show them the island!

My backyard – walking to brekky..

They arrived on the Saturday of Pirates Week so of course, I picked them up from the airport in the evening in my pirate outfit and then took them back into town to enjoy the festivities..

Myself and Maria for PIrates Week!

The next morning I started off their first day by walking along the beach to brekky at the Marriott – delish!

For Sunday funday, one of my good mates, James, took his boat out with a bunch of us to go conching – such a fun thing to show my sis and her boyf..!

Our conching spot

We went with a group of people and two boats to North Sound and dove off the boat into the crystal clear shallow waters looking for the conch – we managed to hit a good spot and fill our quota before heading to Starfish Point for the arvo..

Our spot

Once at Starfish it was like a product line with the conch – I showed my sis and her boyf the process of taking out the conch from the shell, skinning it and cutting it up to make some fresh conch cerviche..!

Showing Alex how it’s done..

We had a great afternoon with a bbq and a couple drinks with everyone until making our way back after sunset..  Bliss.

Starfish point hangs

The Monday was a public holiday so Todd and I went for a dive at the Kittiwake whilst Alex snorkelled around and watched us dive from above.  The Kittiwake is such a cool wreck dive for divers and snorkelers followed by a chilled lunch at Macabuca..

Kittiwake dives

In the afternoon  I took them to Spotts, stopping to check out Smith Cave on the way, to swim with the turtles..

The spuds at Spotts..

We ended the day with a full moon paddle from public beach to Calicos for a drink – this was something new to me but fun!

During the week whilst I was at work, Todd managed to fit some diving in, they checked out Crystal Caves, went swimming with the turtles at Spotts again, did the jet ski tour to Stingray City, checked out my fav coffee place in Camana Bay (Jessie’s Juice Bar) and met me for lunch for the Friday Lobster Pot burger..!

The standard Lobster Pot burger..

I was lucky that Alex is a great cook so baked some delish treats and stocked my freezer up with snacks – what family is for right?!

We met up with some mates and feasted at Yoshi’s for some great sushi and the following night I met them at Palms for a quick happy hour drink and then it was testing our brains going into a room at Locked Inn – we made it out just in time…!!

Kimpton brekky views

On their last day they had a late afternoon flight so we went to the Kimpton for brekky with a stunning view – the Kimpton had only just opened at this stage. 

Kimpton pool vibes

Kia joined us and we feasted before going to hang by the stunning pools and chill out on the beach at Cocolobo, grabbing a snack before making our way to pick up their bags to head to the airport.

Cocolobo feasting..

It was a sad goodbye but I had a great time showing the two spuds my little island home and spending some quality time with them – bye for now..!

Loved having these spuds visit!

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