Island activities and Carnival..

Back in the sun on the Island, Dad had a few more days to chill out and enjoy the sun. We went for some dives and the delicious Friday special burger at The Lobster Pot..

Dad diving down in the Caribbean waters..

Myself and a mate arranged to do the horse riding along Barker’s Beach, this was absolutely magical.

The horses were a dream to ride and half way through the ride we unsaddled and rode the horses, bareback, into the ocean. The horses loved the water!

After chilling with the horses whilst they dried off, we rode them back along the water’s edge. Amazing.

The next few weekends consisted of boating on the sound, volleyball games, my first hike along the Mastic Trail and checking out the locals at Spotts for the turtles and Bel Air Drive Pond for the iguanas.

The locals

We also fit in some sailing races on our adventurous weekends 😛

Sailing races!

One of my mates put together a little staycation over in East End which was amazing, we chilled out with some delicious food, goal planning and yoga fun.

Yoga times

Some friends and I went on a little exploring one day around the island and came across the pig farm where we got to say hi to the cute lil piglets..


One of the biggest highlights would have to be BATABANO!! Cayman Carnival. Now this was amazing fun. It involved ‘jumping’ down West Bay Road in small bikinis covered in feathers drinking a continuous flow of rum..!!


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