My first Caribbean Silly Season..

November meant the start of conching season!!  This was so much fun..  We took a few kayaks and swum around out the front of my mates parents place where we went freediving down to pick up the conch we spotted.


This was great fun but then the real hard work started once we were back onshore.  Hammering the shell to make an incision to cut the animal from the shell and then to pull it out.

Our delicious dinner!

We then had to skin then tenderise the meat..  This was all definitely worth it once we made a delicious conch ceviche however a lesson learnt from Kia, always wash your hands after cutting scotch bonnet peppers (or wear gloves)!

The boys also made a very taste conch stew.  YUM!!

Fresh fish from the waterfront in town

The weeks leading up to Christmas included more boat parties, the start of netball season and the many Christmas parties.  It was also now the start of lobster season as well so off we went and I managed to snag my first lobster!!

My first lobster!!

Kia and I also had our first kiteboarding lesson with Hurricane Kiteboarding.  Now this was awesome!!!!  We both started off leaning the basics and were up on the board by the end of the lesson – could not recommend more giving this a try – fun fun!

Our first kitesurfing lesson!

Christmas day involved numerous stops at friends’ places and then a big group dinner and (many) drinks to top off a great day.

I had to work the days between Christmas and New Years as this was a very busy time but we had only half a day on New Year’s day so driving home I made the best last minute decision to date……

Group bowling – fun!

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