My first family visit and another weekend trip to Europe..

After working my ass off every single day (over 70 hours per week) for the last couple of months, my Mum and Sister arrived. It was good to see them. My sister had her 18th birthday in London which we celebrated by having dinner at Jamie’s Italian restaurant and a quiet night as we were up early the next day to go to Copenhagen.

We got to Copenhagen where my Mum’s cousin (my second-cousin but still call him my ‘cousin’) picked us up and took us to his family home. They treated us with a yummy Danish lunch and then took us on a bike ride around the city of Copenhagen – it was beautiful!

Our cousins - Scott and Jeanette
Our cousins – Scott and Jeanette

Our cousin was a bit of a tour guide for us and we rode to places such as the Carslberg Factory, The Little Mermaid statue and all through the Christiania Area. His office was on the street of Nyhavn which is a stunning street on a canal full of colourful buildings with cute little restaurants at the bottom.

Me, my Mum and my Sister in front of The Little Mermaid..
Me, my Mum and my Sister in front of The Little Mermaid..

We only had the one night in Copenhagen but we managed to fit quiet a lot in and catching up with the family was great. The Christiania area (green light district where weed is apparently ‘legal’), is full of gypsys and one sign that stood out for me was ‘do not run, it causes panic’.

The Christiania area
The outside of the Christiania area

On the Sunday evening after a full day exploring, we said our goodbyes and the cousin dropped us at the airport where my Mum and Sister had another full week to explore England. They did numerous day trips during the week such as Oxford, Cambridge, Stonehenge and Bath, journey to Abbey road for the standard road crossing picture for ‘The Beatles’ and we also went to see the musical, The Lion King, at Lyceum Theatre which impressed us all.

For their last weekend, we headed down south to Brighton. It was my first time at the seaside town instantly a different feeling compared to the hustle and bustle of London – I was finally by the sea! We pigged out on fish and chips whilst sitting back in the stripy deck chairs on the beach of pebbles. Did a bit of wandering around eating some yummy tea and scones with jam and cream and finished up the day watching the sun set in front of the ruins of the old pier.

Myself and my Sister finally seaside in Brighton..
Myself and my Sister finally seaside in Brighton..

After a yummy Sunday roast and my last day at Richemont, it was time for my Mum and Sister to leave which was sad but the sadness didn’t last too long as it was the same day I flew out to start my trip around Jordan, Israel, Egypt , Turkey and Greece for six weeks!!

Some fun facts and info about Denmark can be found here.

Was great having family over..
Was great having family over..

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