New Year’s = new country.!

It was New Year’s eve and I was driving home with an off feeling – I really wanted to get off island.  Next thing I know, my mate from Bahamas messaged and told me to get over ASAP..  Next thing I know I was racing home, threw some clothes into a bag and raced to the airport.  At the counter I had three minutes to book before the counter closed.  I booked.

Bahamas crew!

By 10pm I arrived in Nassau after a short stopover in Miami – I actually did it.  My mate, Levi, picked me up at the airport and took me to the superyacht for which he is the captain of.  Levi’s crew, Jono and Ali, joined us and we headed over to the Atlantis to make it in time for the countdown and fireworks.  I still could not believe I had actually made it!


We then went to the streets of Nassau to check out Junkanoo – the Bahamian version of Mardi Gras, complete with music, masquerading street performers, and colourful costumes.!

After a fun filled night we were back to the superyacht and up the next day to check out a couple of Bahamas’ 700 islands, albeit slightly hungover after a slow morning..

Exploring the ruins

We went snorkelling around an island we pulled up too, explored the ruins, climbed some palm trees (well attempted too) and had some beers.  Magic.

We pulled up to a restaurant on the way back for a couple drinks and then Levi took me to the best fish fry I have ever had!!  It was a very local area called Arawak Cay and the food was absolutely amazing.  We had some fish fry each and some fresh fresh ceviche (after watching the chef taking out the conch from the shell in front of us)..  DELISH!

After a walk through town and a couple more beers, stopping in also to the Green Parrot at the dock of the yachts, it was then a chilled evening ready for our adventure the next day..

Fish fry!

Up early the next day to head to Stuart’s Cove to go diving with the sharks!!!!!

It was a two tank dive with the second dive being the shark feeding time..  We had strict instructions to kneel around in a circle whilst the guide took out some food and fed the sharks whilst the sharks swum extremely close to us – a couple bumping into you as the swum past.  They were friendly Reef Sharks with a Nurse

Chilling with the sharks

This was such a cool experience being so up and close to the sharks and the guide even managed to (somehow) hypnotise a shark to balance on his nose…?!?!

Hypnotised shark!

After this we had a bite to eat and were back to the yacht.  Now it was time for a typical Sunday Funday at Sandy Toes on Rose Island!

We took the tender boat there early to beat the tourists to have a chilled drink and some food before more and more of Levi’s friends showed up.  We were there all afternoon having plenty of drinks and people watching the entertaining tourists (from a whole range of different wealth!)..

The view from Sandy Toes!

I met some amazing people and had such a fun afternoon before jumping on the tender once again to drive into the sunset back to the yacht.  Bliss.

Into the sunset we go!

I had an early morning flight back to the island, via Miami, and straight to work.  What an incredible last minute decision..  No regrets.

Such a fun arvo!!

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