Off the grid in Cuba..

It had been over two years since I last went to Cuba and, seeming it is one of the closest islands to where I live, I had to go visit again.  This time it was straight to Vinales..!


I had the first night with my visitor before he was headed to Havana and then onwards back to the UK.

We went for dinner at a nice chilled place with some colourful live music next to us..

Happy tunes

I woke up to our host offering to cook us breakfast – it was an amazing spread of fresh food and coffee.  I then went for a walk all through the town and towards the hills, checking out the colourful houses and small souvenir street markets..

The colourful streets..

I found this amazing Cubano sandwich spot and stuffed my face before I said goodbye to my visitor and met up with two mates from Cayman who were also spending the long weekend in Vinales.

Awesome Cubano Sandwich spot

We met up at the El Olivo café for some yummy food before I had someone walk up to me and say the recognised me – turns out we had met a few years back when I was in Kenya almost five years ago – such a small world!!!

Later that evening we had a few sundowner mojitos at the La Casa Del Mojito (which were incredible) before heading out for dinner of some of the yummiest Hawaiian pizza and quite a number of drinks..

Riding through the Valley

The following day I arranged for us to go on a horse ride tour around the tobacco farms for a few hours..  All three of us had done this before but it was good fun!!  We stopped from some honey and rum tasting and another stop to watch the cigar making before heading to a watering hole to play some cards and eventually back into the town.

We chilled out in the hammocks reading our books and playing many card games before arranging a random massage for us each – why not?!

Another chilled morning playing many card games and enjoying plenty  cups of tea with stunning views before eventually making our way to the airport for our 1pm flight back to the Island..  Happiness.

It was a great chilled weekend back to nature with good friends and amazing food and the best part, without the use of internet – bliss..!

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