Sporting trips and islands times..

The June long weekend meant another weekend in New York, this time for a touch rugby tournament.  A bit of a last minute plan but it was great fun.  As it was a new sport to me it was great to see other teams and play a few more games.

The winning mixed team!

It was a full day of touch rugby which we ended up winning as a mixed team!!  I was well surprised. 

Resting between games..

That night we went to Benson’s Bar for a burger and to have a few drinks with the New York touch team.  The next day was followed by a bit of exploring on the Brooklyn side and jumping on a ferry across to Manhattan.

We stumbled (intentionally) on a rooftop bar at the Viceroy where we spent majority of the afternoon overlooking Central Park.

Rooftop bar at the Viceroy

A dinner in China Town and then it was the end of a great weekend..!

Ferry to Manhattan

Back on the island my next trip was another to Little Cayman with the same group as last summer.  This time we had to spread ourselves over two houses as the group was growing.!

Picking coconuts..

Another great weekend full of diving, sailing, fishing and adventure trips to Owen Island and finding caves.

Searching for hidden caves

Our attempts of sailing with roughly eight of us on the one sailboat was an adventure in itself but we had a great afternoon.


Back on island we were in full training mode ready for our trip to Seattle for Gaelic Football.

We had a men’s and a women’s team travelling to Seattle so there was a pretty big bunch of us heading over.


Once there we won our first and then surprisingly, our second, game to get us into the final held on the following day. 

The ladies team

Other than the games, we made the most of being in Seattle and checked out a few places including the Public Market and chilling at a pub for a few drinks.  Some further exploring to check out the pier and markets then it was the end of the day.

Frolik Rooftop Bar!

For our last day in Seattle we played our final game (which we ended up losing but hey, we made the final!) and headed back to the hotel to pack our things.  A rooftop bar session at Frolik as a group was great fun before a few of us had to catch our overnight flights back to the warmth of the island.

Boys in control

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