An extended stopover to explore Dubai…

I had an overnight flight from Adelaide directly to Dubai which meant I arrived in the very early hours of the morning.  A full day ahead of checking out this new city..

Cruising down Sheikh Zayed Road

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From Africa to Asia..

My flight to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia was via Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.  I had a seven-hour stop over but had plenty of movies to watch and they even supplied dinner for free!!  Easy as (and for the price I got the flight for, I could not complain at all).

My first impressions of going out for a walk around KL – wow, I was definitely not in Africa anymore.  I could not believe the amount of white people and in particular, how much skin they were showing!!  There were people everywhere and a whole lot of touristy souvenirs.  This was such a different atmosphere than what I had been used to for the past five months and I was not at ease with it.  People were just waving money around like it was nothing.  The flashy malls and department stores overwhelmed me and the fact that it was Christmas-time meant the jingles and decorations were everywhere.  It was all a bit too much for me.

Street markets in Kuala Lumpur..
Street markets in Kuala Lumpur..

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A day of wandering in Singapore..

I had a full day in Singapore on my way home from India and wow could you notice the difference. Coming from India to one of the world’s most ‘cleanest’ cities was a bit of a shock for me, I missed the chaos of India already.

Singapore was nice for a day – I walked around, a lot, and noticed pretty much all the shops were the same just in different shopping complexes. I did go on the Singapore Flyer which gave me a good view of the city and ate some yummy food. Continue reading “A day of wandering in Singapore..”

My first trip alone, but I was never alone..

For my 21st birthday I decided to go to India but I could not tell you why India. I don’t know myself but it proved life changing and I still hold India close to my heart.

As it was my first overseas trip going ‘solo’, I booked a ‘basix’ tour with Intrepid Travel. Because it was ‘basix’ it meant all our means of transport was by the local transport, no air conditioned buses. Amazing. This was a highlight and made for some of my favourite memories. We travelled by cycle rickshaw, motor rickshaw, local buses, trains, overnight trains and a few taxis.

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