Final island days, for now..

Once I arrived back on the island I knew I had only three more months till my next adventure so no more trips in the meantime.  I just made the most of the beautiful island I call home.

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Cali vibes to Aussie hangs..

October meant we were nearing the end of hurricane season and it had been one of the worst in the last ten years, Hurricane Irma luckily didn’t hit us but we had the rough weather..

It was then time for my next whirlwind trip, this time including a visit home for the first time in a couple of years.

Cayman stormy days..

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Caribbean Island Hopping..

I had been looking into cheap flights to different islands of the Caribbean and Sint Maarten came up so I did some research of the surrounding Leeward Islands, grabbed a friend and off we went..!

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