A day of wandering in Singapore..

I had a full day in Singapore on my way home from India and wow could you notice the difference. Coming from India to one of the world’s most ‘cleanest’ cities was a bit of a shock for me, I missed the chaos of India already.

Singapore was nice for a day – I walked around, a lot, and noticed pretty much all the shops were the same just in different shopping complexes. I did go on the Singapore Flyer which gave me a good view of the city and ate some yummy food. Continue reading “A day of wandering in Singapore..”

A trip away with friends ..

We were 20 years old so it seemed about right to book a trip overseas. I went back to Bali with my (then) boyfriend and a few friends. It’s such an easy place to go overseas from Australia.

Again, the smell and humidity hit me as soon as I stepped out of the airport – I knew I was back.

We stayed at The Losari Hotel & Villas in Kuta which is off of Jl. Padma. The Losari was a good distance away from the hustle and bustle but still walking distance as it was on the border of the, much quieter, Legian. This hotel suited us just fine, it had a small pool, which we didn’t really spend much time in as we were out at the beaches most of the time, and a yummy breakfast.

As is standard in Bali, we hired scooters. Doing this opened up a whole range of possibilities and each day we zoomed around from surf beach to surf beach. Each scooter carried two of us with the surfboards strapped to the side of the scooter.

Walking down to Uluwatu Beach
Walking down to Uluwatu Beach

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A family affair in Indonesia..

As majority of Australians do, we went to Bali. It was me, my parents and my younger brother and sister (8 and 6 years old at the time). I was about 12 years old and for our first trip ‘overseas’ as a family. It was 2002, the year of the Bali Bombings.

The first impressions of a foreign country still sit with me – the smell as soon as you stepped outside of the airport hit you straight in the face. I can still smell the mixture of stale sweat and hot air.

We stayed at The Jayakarta Hotel which (as kids, we made note of this) had about five different pools – paradise! The hotel was opposite Legian beach where as soon as you step out of the hotel you get the calls from the local Balinese selling their goods from the beach.

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