My first Caribbean Silly Season..

November meant the start of conching season!!  This was so much fun..  We took a few kayaks and swum around out the front of my mates parents place where we went freediving down to pick up the conch we spotted.


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The Mexican adventures continue…

Our adventures started off heading to a place roughly an hour (on public busses) North of Puerto Escondido to the beachside village of Roca Blanca.

Exploring Roca Blanca
Exploring Roca Blanca

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My first few months back home in Australia..!

I surprised my immediate family just before Christmas in 2013. It was just Mum who was aware of my arrival home.  Even more surprises followed when I showed up at my friend’s birthday party the same day.  I then kept a low profile to surprise the rest of my family on Christmas Day.  Now that was a big reaction!!

My hometown of Port Noarlunga on the night I arrived back into Australia – magical!
My hometown of Port Noarlunga on the night I arrived back into Australia – magical!

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My second Christmas away from home..

I was lucky enough to once again stay with some family in Copenhagen and to spend Christmas with them as well.

We were off to the West Coast of Denmark to spend it at my cousin’s family home in Värde.

The day we were due to leave there was a snow storm which caused a little delay but made everything look beautiful.  It was a nice drive and once we got there you could smell the amazing aromas saved for Christmas time.

My first ever snowman!
My first ever snowman!

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The last part of an extremely eventful 2012…

Shortly after arriving back in London, my Dad arrived for a visit..

We spent the first weekend exploring London and I took him for a typical English pub meal.  We also went to a soccer game which is pretty foreign to the both of us.  It was Fulham v Aston Villa and ended up as a draw.

During the week my Dad caught the Eurostar to Lille where he hired a car and took himself around France and Belgium for a week by himself to explore the WW1 Australian battlefields on the WesternFront..

Exploring London Town with the Old Man..
Exploring London Town with the Old Man..

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Another first for me, snow!

One of my mates organised for a group of us to head to the French Alps for Christmas with Fanatics Tour Group. The package included transport, accommodation, lift pass and ski hire.

We met at Waterloo Station late in the evening and jumped on the bus to Risoul (La Foret Blanche) in the South-eastern French Alps. Little did I know how far away from London this actually was and how long it would take us to get there.

We stopped a few times along the way for food etc and at one stop I finally got to experience snow, at last! It made everything so beautiful, and slippery!

The sun is out to play!!
The sun is out to play!!

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