Getting Jammy in Jamaica..

The month of June also included my Dad’s first visit to the Cayman Islands. The day after getting back from New York actually.

Within the first few days he completed his open-water dive certification and then we were off to Kingston in Jamaica for the weekend for the Australia cricket test series. Little did I know that a massive group of Aussie boys from Cayman were also there in a big group and being the island that Cayman is, I knew quite a few of them..

Sabina Park

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My first few months back home in Australia..!

I surprised my immediate family just before Christmas in 2013. It was just Mum who was aware of my arrival home.  Even more surprises followed when I showed up at my friend’s birthday party the same day.  I then kept a low profile to surprise the rest of my family on Christmas Day.  Now that was a big reaction!!

My hometown of Port Noarlunga on the night I arrived back into Australia – magical!
My hometown of Port Noarlunga on the night I arrived back into Australia – magical!

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My second Christmas away from home..

I was lucky enough to once again stay with some family in Copenhagen and to spend Christmas with them as well.

We were off to the West Coast of Denmark to spend it at my cousin’s family home in Värde.

The day we were due to leave there was a snow storm which caused a little delay but made everything look beautiful.  It was a nice drive and once we got there you could smell the amazing aromas saved for Christmas time.

My first ever snowman!
My first ever snowman!

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Croissants, chocolate and cheese..

It was December and so I boarded the Eurostar from St Pancras bound for Paris . It was so simple, a simple show of the passport, sit down in your seat and you were off to another country, via train, underwater.

As my mate had been to Paris before, I went off and did the free-walking tour while I waited for her to arrive (she was coming by plane from Edinburgh). The Sandeman’s free walking tour was great and went past a few of the major sites, Notre Dame, down Champs-Elysees with the Arc De Triomphe in the distance, past the various museums and through the arch at the Louvre. This was a perfect way to get my bearings around the city and learn some history all for free (funding based on tip at the end).

Ahh the Eiffel Tower..
Ahh the Eiffel Tower..

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A family affair in Indonesia..

As majority of Australians do, we went to Bali. It was me, my parents and my younger brother and sister (8 and 6 years old at the time). I was about 12 years old and for our first trip ‘overseas’ as a family. It was 2002, the year of the Bali Bombings.

The first impressions of a foreign country still sit with me – the smell as soon as you stepped outside of the airport hit you straight in the face. I can still smell the mixture of stale sweat and hot air.

We stayed at The Jayakarta Hotel which (as kids, we made note of this) had about five different pools – paradise! The hotel was opposite Legian beach where as soon as you step out of the hotel you get the calls from the local Balinese selling their goods from the beach.

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