An extended stopover to explore Dubai…

I had an overnight flight from Adelaide directly to Dubai which meant I arrived in the very early hours of the morning.  A full day ahead of checking out this new city..

Cruising down Sheikh Zayed Road

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A Cuban celebration..

We accidently had a rather large night out the night before our flight to Havana so were feeling pretty rough by the time we arrived. Dropped our bags at our Casa Particular (Casa Marta y Ramon) and went to the meeting place for our guided tour of the city in a red 1955 Cadillac Eldorado. Our tour guide was great and explained everything as we drove and pointed out the highlights of the old school city.

Cruising in our 1955 Cadillac Eldorado..
Cruising in our 1955 Cadillac Eldorado..

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Third time lucky in Guatemala..

My third time in Guatemala to finish off the sights I had yet to explore..

My first day in Antigua, Guatemala, I went on an organised tour which visited various places such as where the chicken busses get done up, coffin maker and a school which was run by a NGO. Afterwards I explored the streets of Antigua and came across the impressive Santa Dominica and walked through the massive markets.. Antigua was cold.

Antigua streets2
Streets of Antigua..

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Road tripping through Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador..

Our first stop was Haultco and eventually we found a place to stay that could fit all six of us in the same room – now this was definitely different to what we had just spent the last couple of weeks in. There were two double beds and they bought in another mattress, which pretty much took up the entire floor space. We also had to lug all our belongings into the room as there was no way we were leaving anything in the car, especially with easy access through the back window (and half the doors not locking)..

Girls riding in the back..
Girls riding in the back..

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The Mexican adventures continue…

Our adventures started off heading to a place roughly an hour (on public busses) North of Puerto Escondido to the beachside village of Roca Blanca.

Exploring Roca Blanca
Exploring Roca Blanca

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