A cold Easter in the snow..

Next up was Easter where I met my Dad in New York City for some more exploring.

It was cold, very cold. But the sun was out and skies were blue so I could not complain. As my Dad had arrived a couple days before me, he managed to check out most of the touristy sites already..

The blue skies of NYC

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New Year’s = new country.!

It was New Year’s eve and I was driving home with an off feeling – I really wanted to get off island.  Next thing I know, my mate from Bahamas messaged and told me to get over ASAP..  Next thing I know I was racing home, threw some clothes into a bag and raced to the airport.  At the counter I had three minutes to book before the counter closed.  I booked.

Bahamas crew!

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An extended stopover to explore Dubai…

I had an overnight flight from Adelaide directly to Dubai which meant I arrived in the very early hours of the morning.  A full day ahead of checking out this new city..

Cruising down Sheikh Zayed Road

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Continuing on with my Island Days..

Back on the island it was the cruisy lifestyle once again with an afternoon on Sandy Cay,  a little island where my friends had built a shelter, making the most of the little surf there was. 

Sandy Cay

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Prancing around in Panama..

Boom – myself, my housemate, Lou, and another friend of ours, Dave, managed to land ourselves seats on the last direct flight to and from Panama City with Cayman Airways for the July long weekend.

It was a late afternoon flight on the Thursday to Panama City where we were to spend the first night.  Out for some food and then a chilled night ready for a super early start to catch a short one-hour internal flight to Bocas del Toro (translates to “Mouths of the Bull”).

Waiting for our ride..

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