A cold Easter in the snow..

Next up was Easter where I met my Dad in New York City for some more exploring.

It was cold, very cold. But the sun was out and skies were blue so I could not complain. As my Dad had arrived a couple days before me, he managed to check out most of the touristy sites already..

The blue skies of NYC

We did manage to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge for some stunning views of the Manhattan skyline before heading to China Town for a big feed.

Me on the old man on Brooklyn Bridge..

I had bought us some tickets to watch the Cavs vs the Knicks basketball at Madison Square Gardens – this was awesome and such a cool atmosphere.

Knicks v the Cavs!!

We spent our days wandering through the city and eating some amazing food – so many opportunities being back in a big city! Hitting the usual tourist spots; Times Square, Central Park etc.

After a few days in New York it was time for our train to Montreal in Canada – the scenic way to travel.!

The scenic route

It was roughly a ten-hour train journey but the scenery was stunning and the closer to Montreal we were, the more snow and lakes there were. It was beautiful.

Once in Montreal we explored a little having our first meal consist of some jacked-up poutine. We were not in Montreal long before we hired a car and drove up to Quebec City.

Quebec City

Now here it was cold, there was snow everywhere. Such a cute and quaint town and the snow made it that much prettier. Walking through the old town and parks throwing a few snowballs at each other it was my favourite spot of the trip so far.

We had a yummy dinner out in the heart of the old town and spent the next day driving to check out some more waterfalls. Bit of a walk to get to but it helped keep us warm..!

The Montmorency Falls

The park that surrounded the waterfalls was stunning especially as it was like a white wonderland. We visited a couple of cool churches and ate some more great meals.

Back in Montreal I met up with a mate, Etienne, whom I had met in my travels through Mexico. He took me to an awesome bar which had all the French-Canadian favourites for super cheap – we feasted.

Our delicious dinner..

After this we went out for a couple of drinks before I was back at the hotel for an early morning train to Toronto.

The stunning train journey to Toronto..

Another stunning train journey to the city of Toronto where we got to enjoy watching our first game of ice hockey – the Maple Leafs vs Detroit.! Now again, this was a cool experience (literally!) as we had nothing like this back in Australia!

The Maple Leafs vs Detroit ice hockey.!

The following day marked my birthday and we had a trip to Niagara Falls ahead of us. We hired a car and drove to the falls where once again, it was freezing!!

Niagara Falls

The Falls were huge and much more impressive than I had imagined. We did the trip down and behind the Falls which was pretty crazy and then walked along the waterfront to the Skylon Tower where we got to sit and eat lunch while admiring the thunderous Falls.

View from the Skylon Tower

After a long journey back it was a quiet night in at our AirBnB watching the snow falling down outside – magical. I was now well ready to get back to the Island and some warmth..!

Niagara Falls.!

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