A quick trip home..

I had only been away for just over a year but I was lucky enough to fit in a trip home to visit the family.

The grandparents and Tex

As I booked my flights within a couple of weeks of departing my route was Cayman – New York – Dubai – Adelaide.  Wow this was long!!

Once I arrived it was straight to visiting family and friends.  And eating the most amazing food of course – I did miss the food.

Family brekky

My days consisted of meeting numerous family and friends all over the place – I was lucky that my grandparents lent me a car so I had the freedom.

Me and the old man

My Dad had a new puppy so plenty of beach walks were had although warm, not quite the same as Seven Mile, but it was home.

Lil Lozzie at my home beach

I had a day trip down to Victor Harbor to visit my Grandpa and catch up with a few friends.  This also included taking the puppy for an adventure – I loved being out on the road and exploring.

Exploring the coastline

A mate of mine went up for the Mt Lofty hike followed by another incredible breakfast.  The following day we went for a scuba dive at my home reef – now this was a shock!!  We had on 7mm wetsuits and we were still freezing!!  Definitely not in the Caribbean anymore.  It still was pretty special to go for a dive where I have been swimming all my life.  After the extremely long walk to the end of the jetty of course..

Alice and I all set to go

I spent more days chilling out at mate’s houses and stuffing my face with the treats I am not able to on the island.  Making the most of my time catching up with as many people I could.  They days were just going by so quickly.!

The bro and sis … and the pup

One of the days I went with my bro and sis and few others to a place called ‘Bounce’ – wow this was absolutely amazing.  I can only describe it as a room full of trampolines for all the big kids out there.  This was so much fun!!


After a great whirlwind trip home catching up with friends and family it was time to head back to the rock.  But of course I had an extended stopover in Dubai on the way back – I had to make the most of being in that part of the world….

Ma’s side of the family..

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