Cayman Carnival..

The first half of 2017 on the island involved all sorts of weird and wonderful things.  Cayman Carnival the biggest highlight..

The colourful streets for CayMas!

For some strange and ridiculous reason the organiser of Cayman Carnival split off and decided to do two separate parades on different weekends.  This was a massive disappointment as they both would have been so so much better if they were still combined into one big one buuuuuuuut, I still had a great time.

The red crew for Batabano.!

The first weekend, Batabano, I ‘jumped’ with a group of roughly 15 of us girls all dressed in the same colour with ‘Tribe’ – RED!

The best.!

We had a great time dancing and drinking plenty before finishing up in town for more music festivities.

Towards the end of the road

The second carnival, CayMas, I ‘jumped’ with a smaller group of girls and re-used my costume from the weekend beforehand – no point in buying a second one!!

Round 2

Again, another great day this time starting in town and finishing up on Public Beach – however, because these guys split off from the normal carnival, it was a lot quieter and definitely not as many people on the streets watching as the parade went past..  But still an incredible time was had.!

As always, carnival is such a great time on the island and so much fun!!


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