Jamrock vibbin’..

The first trip of 2017 was to Treasure Beach in Jamaica.  Myself and a friend planned a trip for a group of about 13 of us for a long weekend..!

The group of 13 of us..

We arranged two villas to stay in at Jakes Hotel which were absolutely stunning – we had the “Hope House” and the “Seaweed Cottage” – both incredible and only a few minutes’ walk apart..!

Afternoon sunset views from the lounge..

We had transport pick us up from Kingston airport and drive us for roughly 3 hours to Jakes where it was pretty much straight to bed as we didn’t arrive till pretty late.

We got to wake up to the most incredible views topped off by a delicious brekky made for us by the helpers whilst gazing out over the ocean  – absolute bliss.!

Our incredible brekkies with a view

For our first day we arranged a trip to YS Falls for some ziplining over the Falls and rope swinging into the cool waters. We feasted on some jerk chicken and pork by the cool rock pool pools and made our way back later that afternoon.

Rope swing at the Falls

Back at Treasure Beach we went across to the second villa, Seaweed Cottage, to watch the sunset whist sitting in the hot tub and having a few drinks – stunning views!

Seaweed Villa sunset vibes

The Sunday started off with another incredible breakfast and then we were picked up by boat out the front of the villas by Captain Dennis.

Looking out for crocs heading up Back River

Captain Dennis took us up the Black River where we were spotting crocodiles, and quite a few of them!! Further up the river we pulled into a stop where we were told that (as we were quite far upstream now) there were no crocs and it was safe for us to swim!!

We hesitated at first but then the locals were showing us up on the rope swing so in we went (although we didn’t hang around in the depths for long!)..

Not wanting to let go on the rope swing!

From here it was time for lunch in one of the best beach bar’s in the world – Floyd’s Pelican Bar. Now this is truly one-of-a-kind..!  Arriving at the bar, we had dolphins jumping and splashing alongside out boat..

This bar was in the middle of the ocean up on stilts – so cool!! Once there we had a yummy lobster dish and a couple of beers (Red Stripe of course) before taking a dip in the shallow waters. Pretty incredible!

Floyd’s Pelican Bar!

Eventually we were dropped back at Treasure Beach where it was a chilled evening with a few funny card games and plenty of banter..

Monday meant a more chilled morning to enjoy a longer brekky and hangs at the villa with the incredible views. What a place to sit back and read my book..!

Eventually we were picked up by Barretts Tours where we had arranged to take the long, scenic, way back to Kingston..

First stop was lunch at a famous spot called Little Ochie – and wow did we order a feast..!! So so much food and all of it was absolutely amazing and we were completely stuffed by the end of it!!

From here I am pretty sure we all napped in the mini bus before we stopped at Alligator Pond for a chance to see the manatees!. Just a few of us went on the little boat trip up the river and checked out the underwater rainforest – the water was so unbelievably clear!!

Unfortunately no manatees though..

The clear waters of Alligator Pond!

Back in the mini-bus to arrive in the early evening at the Knutsford Hotel in Kingston for our last night before our super early flight back to Cayman (and back to work for most of us)..

A last group dinner at Scotchies around the corner for more yummy jerk chicken and pork and then an earlish night – what a fun weekend!!!

Chilled vibes

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